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Emotional highlights from the launch of the Prairie Healthcare Scholarship.

Operated by the McIntyre Family Foundation the scholarship fund aims to give out $400,000 per year.

Success Stories

Caitlin Wotton

20 year old Caitlin Wotton is in her second year of a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Physiology and Pharmacology at the University of Saskatchewan.  It is her goal to become a Physician and return to Southwest Saskatchewan to give back to the community that has nurtured her dreams.  Caitlin has recently been accepted into the Golden Key International Honours Society, whose members are in the top 15% of the University.  Her passion and enthusiasm for medicine comes from her volunteer experiences, work opportunities and growing up in and around Swift Current.  Working in her mother’s hair salon at Riverview Village Estates for the past three summers, Caitlin has witnessed firsthand the health deficiencies of our aging seniors.  Her appreciation of working with seniors and being in a rural setting further ignited her passion for medicine.  In addition to her academic goals, Caitlin focuses on bettering herself as a leader and advocate for community health and well-being.  She volunteers at the locally student run clinic SWITCH (Student Wellness Initiative Towards Community Health) in Saskatoon.  She is also Vice President of the University of Saskatchewan Pre-Med Club. Through all of her experiences Caitlin believes volunteering has given her a better understanding of the importance of being accountable for the health of others.

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